“CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is one of the most successful medical students recruitment companies in the India today. With over 9 branches, we have one of the largest networks of company-owned offices all across India. “CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is one of the pioneer consultants who offer students the opportunity to study in most of the reputed universities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. We have already sent more than 1500 students to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine in last 18 years for various courses.
“CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” are appointed/authorized by various Universities to propagate and promote education faculties to students of India and to act as a guiding force to prospective students.


Our history goes back to 2001 when an association called “PAIMSIR” was established to promote Russian higher education. In 2012, we registered a company. We have celebrated our 17th anniversary and are now looking forward to continue our history of providing high quality and professional advice to parents and their children who would like to study in Russia.


From a single office in city – Surat , state – Gujrat, India in 2001, “CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” has grown and expanded. As well as our Head office in Surat, we now have branch offices Ahemedabad , Baroda, and 7 more offices in cities of 3 states of India.

“CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” now represents in excess of 8 education providers, including universities and colleges in Russia ,Ukraine and Belarus.


“ Your education , your career – Our priority ” is our slogan. It appropriately reflects our attitude and approach when providing services for students, their parents and our education partners.


Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of the younger generation is our mission.


Everyone at” CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is actively involved with community work and support various organizations and NGO’s in India.
For every student that is recruited to study abroad, “CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” will donate Indian Rs 500 to “Save a Girl Child” for underprivileged girl children’s education in India and we are very happy to support organizations like this for a worthy cause.
Apart from this “CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is involved with many other organizations and helped them to with medical camps in slum areas, aids awareness and eradication of child labor programs.


Dr.Yuvraajsinh Solanki, studied in Russia as mature student, and had the first-hand experience of the difficulties and the challenges encountered by students choosing to continue their education in a Russia. Those experiences become his incentive to establish “CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY” in the hope of assisting and supporting Indian students in adapting to life and study in a different culture.

“CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY ” is a team of young, highly experienced, educated professionals. Together they all have great expertise and good understanding of the culture, education system, universities abroad and what it can offer Indian students in terms of graduate and post graduate education, settlement in India and other countries.

Dr.yuvraajsinh Solanki /Founder & C.E.O.

Dr.Sanjay Hadiya / Deputy C.E.O.

Mr. Pradeepsinh Solanki / Chief counselor

Mr. Mehul Padhiyar / Manager – finance Dept

Mrs. Mona sarangdev / Public relation officer

Mr. Anil Solanki / Manager – marketing


CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY is an all round service provider. Our care and concern continue though the students have left their home country.
1. Application and Bio – Data form for admission.
2. Information regarding the application and admission procedure.
3. Selection of eligible foreign students for medical course according to terms and conditions directed by the Government of Russia, Government of India and MCI.
4. Registration of selected students in Russia
5. Issue and provide admission letter from the institute.
6. Provide entry visa support paper (invitation for student) for entry visa to Russia from ministry of foreign affairs of Russian government.
7. Help for getting visa, medical test, compulsory medical insurance, and guidance for getting foreign currency & ECNR.
8. Provide the list of all necessary items for their stay in Russia.
9. Provide the information explaining” What to do at airport?”
10. Explain Russian laws, rules for the students in regards of residence and traveling along the territory of Russia.
11. Provide a representative at the international Airport at New Delhi/Mumbai, to advice the candidate on check in procedure for their first flight to Moscow.
12. Receive the candidates at the Moscow Airport and transfer them to hostel with meal.
13. Arrange for getting furnished accommodation in the hostel with five minutes telephone call to Parents.
14. Police Registration in the local department of Internal Affairs of Russia.
15. Guide to pay the fees of the candidate to the Institute.
16. Students will be looked after for entire period of their studies & stay in Russia.
17. To arrange health care of students and to organize medical service during students stay in Russia

During their studies

18. Provide coaching for MCI screening test, USAMLENEET-PG ,PLAB ,Australianmedical council exam and CLASSES for Germanlanguage for POST GRADUATION in Germany.

Engineering Courses

Russia has been popular destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet Era.


Russia has been popular destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet Era.

MBBS in Russia

Russia has been popular destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet Era.

Russian Language

Russia has been popular destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet Era.


1. A report of first two semesters will be informed to Parents about student’s academic, social, health, economical behavior.
2. Visa guidance to Parents or relatives of student in case they want to visit their ward in Russia.
3. Update every semester result and monthly attendances on our website so that parents can monitor student’s progress.
4. Every year arrange meeting of parents with Russian university officials so that parents can discuss their issues with university
5. In case parents or any guardian want to visit university in Russia , Arrange ticket, visa ,accommodation and make all necessary arrangements


Economic option for world class education – 

Due to partially paid education by Russian govt , medical education in Russia is much more affordable then any other country. It has world class infrastructure and helpful teachers.

Dr. Meet Joshi , Penza state university, Russia

Excellent Learning Environment

I couldn’t have think for a better learning environment. The small class sizes and the attentive staff ensured that I fully understood the material provided. As the class sizes were small (12-15 students per class) , it meant I was able to get through the material quickly without worrying sacrificing the comprehension.

Dr. Payal Patel , Penza state university, Russia

Opportunity to explore Russia

Russian higher education is an excellent opportunity to get to know a country which has a lot to offer – a unique cultural and historical heritage, the incomparable beauty of its natural landscapes and climatic zones, the diversity of architectural styles in its biggest cities, and the rich traditions and customs of more than 160 nationalities living in Russia

Dr. Chauhan Prashant, Penza state university, Russia

Highly qualified teachers –

The highly qualified teaching personnel of Russian state universities (on average 80% of professors hold Ph.D. degrees) guarantee top-quality education.Although it was the price that first attracted me, it was the level of personal attention I received which means I recommend studying here. The friendly staff made sure I received the education I had paid for

Dr. Mayank Pande, Penza state university, Russia

Great way to become friends with students from more then 50 countries –

The Russian higher education system consists of more than 650 state universities where about 9 million people study; more than 300 000 of these come from about 200 different countries. In Penza state university we had around 2000 foreign students from more then 50 countries. Penza state university provided us platform to come close and understand culture, tradition, religion, cuisine, art, politics and economy of each other’s country. It opened my eyes to the world.

Dr. Ishani Patel , Penza state university, Russia


Making the decision to study overseas is always a big one. Thanks to my CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY , I made the right choice. I am currently studying in Russia and I know this was the best choice

Being an International student was so much better than I imagined. The education was amazing, and you can’t beat the experience of living in Russia. The support I received from CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  at every step of the way ,can’t be matched. From filing of the visa, through course selection and admission- the staff treated us like family.

Ms.Desale Rachana – 4 th year , Penza state university, Russia


Among all the agents and offices, I visited during my admission , only CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  has facility and ability arrange MCI test coaching right from the beginning. Without such preparation , its very hard for any students to clear screening test and that’s why

India’s many foreign medical graduates are failing for many times in exam. Don’t be fool by choosing university where there are not such coaching. Make the right decision. Be the part of CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  and your dreams will become reality.

Mr.Shah Shripal, final year, , Penza state university, Russia

Best services and guidance by CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  through out our stay in Russia

Their level of professionalism is unbeatable. If I had a question, I always got a response from the helpful staff. Often, they went out of their way to help me. Their  step by step advise and guidance was unbeatable. CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  regularly stay in touch with students from their offices in university hostel and with their parents from offices in India. There will be no quarry which will remain unsolved or there will not be any problem which will not be attended. Truly devoted people works at CHEVALIER EDUCATION CONSULTANCY .

Ms.Patel Janki – 3 rd year, Penza state university, Russia

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