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“I was hearing a lot about M.B.B.S. in Russia from many senior friends. i had decided at the same time to send my daughter for admission in Russia. It was not posible in any medical college of Gujarat. My daughter and 3 of her friens had decided to take admission in Russia in 2015-16. I had decided to visit there myself and would place my daughter there only, if the infrstucture and hostel were good. When i visited Penza State University my self and attended the lectures there and met the professors, i found out that the infrasturcture hereis for better than what i could get during my own education in Civil Hospital of Surat.”

Dr. Sanjay Sinduria

Medical Officer , Surat

“I collected information about Russia from many friends. also seeing that the children of many officers from our police department had studied form Russia, I decided to send my daughter to Russia and went to see her off with my wife, myself. I lived in Penza State University in Russia for three days. I also lived in various cities in Russia like St. Petersburg and even in Moscow(capital). All these cities are quite secure. The environment in Penza is very favorable and secure for girls. The hostels are comfortable and the city is also beautiful. I and my wife are happy to sen my daughter for studying M.B.B.S. in Russia “

Praveen Sinh F. Mal

IPS -DCP, Ahmadabad

“There were endless questions swaying in my mind, when it was the time to send my one and only daughter to an unkown country 5000 miles away. Hence i went to Russia myself and visited many colleges and i got to know that the colleges there celebrate festivals like Navratri, Diwali to avail Indian students of Indian culture. Penza Academy is a displined and sulture-loving institution. We can feel an envirnment of unity as in India, as Indian students are studying there in big number.”

Mr. Shreedhar Jadavbhai


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