Before You Leave Take Care Of Following Things:

1. Don’t go just for glamour

Your decision to opt for abroad was based on the fact that you are going to receive a quality education at an affordable cost. You need to be focused on the basic purpose why you are proceeding to abroad. The fees are 4-5 times more expensive than those of Russia; it is for education and not for a holiday.

While the universities in abroad offer you the best possible conditions in terms of accommodation, .In Ukraine and CIS countries. You should, therefore, consider that your decision for preceding to Russia it would be unwise to compare the same with those in USA and Australia etc. because it would give you a lifetime edge in terms of quality.

Even today, many students proceeding to Russia, Ukraine, and CIS countries are taken in by the glamour of studying abroad. Make the most of the quality education that is being imparted there, so that you would have a value added education.

2. Tighten up emotionally and mentally:

Apart from the other preparations that you need to undertake to plan your trip to abroad .You should use the spare time to be confident mentally and emotionally. This you could do so with reading material on positive attitude and self help books.

3. Get yourself to be disciplined:

Discipline is one of the most important commodities that you are going to require when you are in abroad. You need to realize that you would not be having your parents to caution and correct you if you go wrong.

It would be your own decision and doing. Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries is like any other European country and at a young age you may be prone to temptations. Therefore a steady discipline minds unable you to resist such temptations and focus you with the purpose of being in Russia.

Time management is also a very important factor. You would need to plan out your activities way ahead so that you do not miss out on any important activities.

4. Update your family with your activities:

Remember, your family cares for you and your future and therefore you are in abroad. There have been sacrifices done your family to ensure that you proceed to abroad and obtain a quality education of your choice. Update them about your activities in abroad in terms of education and progress. This would help you to be guided by your family members who are more matured, should you be going wrong in your decisions.

Helpful tips whilst travelling

1- Make photocopies of EVERYTHING.

2- All important documents should be photocopied and the copies kept in separate places. This includes passport, credit cards (front and back), drivers licence, traveller’s cheques serial numbers, travel insurance and airline tickets. Make more than one copy and leave one set at home.

3- When travelling ensure you have two forms of ID with you at all times, one of which should have a photo ID.

4- Losing luggage happens when travelling, it can happen to anyone at any time. Travelling to Russia, you may encounter this problem sooner than you expected! Always pack a change of clothes in your carry on bag or the items you could not do without for a night, possibly a few days. This PARTICULARLY applies to items like prescription medicine. Always pack your valuables (Camera, jewellery etc.) in your carry on bag.

5- Ensure your carry on bag is airline friendly, this means no scissors or cutting implements of any kind, no metal nail files and no Swiss army knife.

6- Put your name, address, and phone number (both home and abroad) where it can be found easily on both the inside and outside of each suitcase

7- If your bag is lost, report it to the airline and leave your name and number of the school where it can be delivered upon arrival. IMPORTANT: If you have chosen to lock your bag, leave your key and combination for customs or the bag will not be delivered and you will have to go back to the airport to collect it

8- Make sure all your travel documents are in an accessible place throughout the trip, as you will need to show them frequently

9- If you cannot comfortably carry your bag across the room, it is too heavy

10- Sleep on the aeroplane, you will be more refreshed when you arrive

11- Read all the information we send you (and a couple of travel guides too) and you should be prepared for just about any situation that may arise

Before you go – What to bring

1- Safety begins when you pack. To avoid being a target dress conservatively, do not wear expensive looking jewellery. A flashy wardrobe or one that is too casual can mark you out as a tourist. As much as possible, avoid the appearance of affluence

2- Always try to travel light. You can move more quickly and will be more likely to have a free hand. You will be also less tired and less likely to set the luggage down and leave it unattended.

3- Carry the minimum amount of valuables necessary for your trip and plan a place or places to store them. Your passport, cash and credit cards are most secure when locked in a hostel safe, when you have to carry them on your person, conceal them in several places instead of putting them all in one wallet or pouch. One of the safest places to carry valuables is in a pouch or money belt worn under your clothes

4- If you wear glasses, take an extra pair. Bring them and any medicines in your carry on bag.

5- To avoid problems when passing through customs, keep medicines in their original, labelled containers. Bring copies of your prescription and the generic name of the drug. If a medication is unusual or contains a narcotic, bring a letter from your doctor stating your need to take the drug. If you are in any doubt about the legality of carrying any drug into a country, please check with the embassy or consulate of that country first.

6- Bring travellers cheques and one or two major credit cards instead of cash

7- Pack an extra set of passport photographs along with a copy of your passport information page to make replacing your passport easier in the event it is lost or stolen

8- Put you name, address and telephone number inside and outside each piece of luggage

What to leave behind

Do not bring anything you would hate to lose. Leave at home items like

1- Valuable or expensive looking jewellery

2- Irreplaceable family items

3- All unnecessary credit cards

4- Social cards, library cards, unneeded credit cards or other items you would normally carry in your wallet

Leave a copy of your itinerary with family and friends in case they need to contact you in an emergency

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