“Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes”, a quote by Norman Douglas, British writer, best known for his novel south wind. Transformation through education brings myriad changes in the society which in turn benefits the future generations. Traditional courses like medical, engineering, law and police services are still some of the most reputed job fields among most of the students. Each has its own importance and standing in the society as a whole. Medical is also one such field of expertise, where a student’s thinking, comprehension and understanding is continuously challenged.

The entrance exams are a hard nut to crack for those who do not have a nag for this field. Students opt for a course which has better career prospects and gives them diverse opportunities in future to grow themselves in their career. More than 3.5 million students sit for medical entrance exams every year and most of them come out with flying colors. The staggering numbers show the popularity of medical studies among students. The numbers are increasing steadily and with the passing time competition is also becoming tougher.

The pre-medical tests are a preset to a career as a physician, cardiologist, neurologist and other various types of fields related to it. CPMT exams are most of the times objective in their questions. Normally, the test is based on subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. There are two papers of 100 marks each which need to be cleared in order to proceed further. One of the papers consists of 20 questions on physics and chemistry of 5 marks each.

The duration of the test is exactly 2 hours. Another one also has 20 questions on biology which need to be completed within the time frame of 2 hours as allotted during the exam. One of the crucial and important aspects is negative marking, for every wrong answer, one mark is deducted. These exams are conducted during the month of April while the mains are scheduled for May. It is vital for students who give these exams to be crystal clear about the concepts related to physics, chemistry and mathematics. Sufficient practice and understanding about the subjects and comprehension are equally important to score well and make a mark for themselves.

To crack the preliminaries and the mains, it is essential to be fundamentally sound and devise methods and shortcuts to find answers in the minimum time possible, in order to score a good percentage. Lots of practice and time needs to be applied to make a mark in the exams, in order to take up medical qualifications for the career of a doctor. Negative marking, which has been explained earlier, is also one of the important highlights of this exam. It makes students to learn the concepts, the way they are and ensure that any student, who attempts the CPMT test, is dead sure about the answer.

In another way, it is a boon for students and they should take up negative marking as a positive aspect of the test rather than fearing it. Lastly, it is essential for all those who dream to become renowned doctors in the society to not lose sight of what they aim for. This will help they succeed in making their career, under all conditions. We wish all of them, a very best of luck for the future.

Medical Entrance Exams in India

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