The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2019 is scheduled to be held on May 2019. Candidates looking to secure admission to MBBS and BDS courses at government, government-aided, and some private institutes, can sit for the NEET exam. Students aspiring to become doctors must be all prepared for the NEET exam and the preparations must be in their last phase.

The few weeks before the exam are very crucial, and it can make or break your performance in the exam. Hence, you need to utilize the last few days to the exam to the fullest in order to crack the NEET 2019. Also, as the NEET exam date is approaching fast and the NEET admit card is to be released on April month, you need to be smart in your exam preparations.

Here are some steps that you can undertake to make your last minute NEET preparations a success-

  • Don’t go overboard with your studies

The market is full of medical books from different publication houses, but you should focus only on authentic study material, like the NCERT books. Moreover, as the NEET exam just around the corner, it is time to brush up all that you’ve studied. If you keep studying on and on then you won’t any time for revisions; and revision is an essential part of study.

  • Practice previous years’ question papers

Previous years’ question papers give you an idea about what you can expect from the NEET exam. There are instances when questions from previous years’ question papers get repeated. Previous years question papers will also help you understand the latest trends of questions featured in the NEET exam.

  • Boost your speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy are essential in order to get a great score in any competitive exam. As you are in the last leg of your preparations, you should now work on your speed and accuracy. Practice as many sample question papers as you can in order to boost these traits.

  • Practice important formulae

Make note of the important formulae that most commonly feature in the questions asked in the NEET exam. Writing down such formulae will help you to memorize them better and when you have these formulae written at one place, you can revise them at any time.

  • Don’t begin any new topic

As the exam date is approaching, you must build your confidence on all that you’ve studied. Do not start studying any new topics. Doing so can create confusion and affect your exam preparations.

  • Relax, sleep well, and eat healthy

One of the most important aspects of doing well in an exam is staying fit. In order to stay fit you need to de-stress, and sleep and eat well. Taking unnecessary stress can spoil your preparations. Also, if you stay up late at nights to study, you affect your sleep cycle, and in turn your health. Eat a balanced healthy diet for a healthy body and mind.

Preparation for Medical Entrance Exam 2019

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