Exams are probably known as the worst nightmare for students. To get rid of that, they usually don’t study, saying ” I will start studying when exams are near” but unfortunately when exam comes the students fear and panic as they are not prepared for the exams. Be it because you’ve run out of time to revise or are scared you haven’t covered all topics, the final days or hours before an exam can be daunting. But it’s never too late to start to score good grades. Here we render you with the best last minute preparation tips to help you succeed.

“Early to bed and early to rise”. Go to sleep early so that you can get up early as in morning you get up with a fresh mind. It’s easier to process information in morning and you can study without any disturbance.

Prioritize in order. Find out the topics which you need to cover and are important from the exam point of view. The best way to do this is to go through your syllabus. Make a list of what is more important and need special attention.

Try to make shortcuts or diagram of the answers as it’s easy to memorize shortcuts and diagrams than the long list of words. In exam visualize these things that will help you to recollect the point and connection between them.

Reading whole book is great but not at last minute preparation. Just memorize the sub points and go through the explanation in that. Write out flashcards summarizing 5 or 6 pointers of each topic.



Quiz yourself. Ask yourself questions and see how much you know. If you miss something in between redo that answer and then go to the next question. This will help to clear your portion.

Take a break. No matter how little time is left with you to revise, take a break this will give your brain a little rest and will improve your concentration. Watch a short television program or spend some time with your family and friends.

Drink water and eat healthy diet. Drink water after every 1 hour and eat small portion of healthy diet which has more of protein and energy every 2 hour for your body to function at its best.

It is also necessary to be physically fit that improves your concentration level. Make some neck exercise, stretch your arms and legs, walk for a while, this will restrict you from feeling sleepy.

Make sure you have all your study material with you when you sit to study, so that there is no need to get up again and again for every single thing and you can have uninterrupted studying.

So if you follow these basic simple steps before your exams you can be confident to score good marks in your medical exams.

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