I studied everything, but everything washed up!

I knew the entire question paper but there was no time!

Blah Blah Blah.

This is what a student usually say when their attempt didn’t go well.

Sounds familiar? That is mainly because students somewhere lack in their preparation and which eventually affects their exam.

It is very important to be well prepared and especially for an exam like NEET. Making a daily study schedule, taking coaching, studying from other materials are some of the practices for good preparation.

There is another good practice for NEET preparation and that is solving Test Series. Preparing for NEET with solving test series is one of the best practices.

What is a test series?

A test series is a well-planned series of model test papers based on a fixed exam pattern to create a virtual environment of the exam and enhance your question-solving skills.

Why is it necessary for NEET Preparation?

NEET is India’s largest Medical entrance Exam where the competition is so huge that it requires a continuous preparation for at least 2 years, on the top of that you need to stay motivated, study for 10 hours a day and refuse the luxury of playing video games or spending time on social media.

For me, NEET preparation is like 2 years of mental military training. Practicing with test series should be included in your daily study timetable for NEET.

2 years is a long time and you don’t have the leverage to revise everything again and again because the syllabus is huge and there is a little time to spare.

Which is why solving the test series is the best solution to this problem?

Along with regular revision and self-assessment, Test series is a package of a whole lot of perks for your NEET exam preparation.

Here is the list of few:

Getting Familiar with the Final Exam Environment

Before going for the real Exam for NEET 2019, Student must be well aware of NEET pattern and time frame.

Test series provide a clear glimpse of actual exam and help you work under the same pressure.

  1. Helps in Time Management

As mentioned above, students always complain about the time management issue.

They always say that the exam was lengthy, but believe me, once you know the art of attempting the question paper it will get really easy to manage some extra mins after attempting the whole exam.

  1. Analysis of Your Preparation Status

Test series are specially designed in a way that you can analyze where you stand on the map of 30 lakh NEET aspirants.

It can help you to figure out your areas of improvement. After giving one test you will get to know 3 things:

The number of correct question along with explanations to make sure that it was not your luck.

The number of the wrong answer along with the explanation to provide you with explicit knowledge on the topic.

Your Rank to keep in track for your progress. You just aim for a less rank every time you attempt a test than before.

  1. Boost Confidence

Practice makes a man perfect! Sounds like a cliche but it’s the reality, the more you practice the better your result will be.

Practicing with test series is the only way where you can practice the whole set of question on a regular basis.

Finding NEET 2019 online test series is not a really tough job. There are a number of platforms available online who provide their free test series for the students to practice.

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